Virtual Office

Since November 1st, 2012 we offer a new service – a virtual office

It is for companies which activity doesn’t need to support an office. But still every company needs a correspondence address, a phone and fax number, email or address for correspondence with NRA.

We respond to these needs by providing working hours and a permanent presence at your virtual office. Also you receive your letters and calls at the time they appear, without loosing any opportunity for your business.

We prepared some packages, so you can choose the most proper type for you. All the services can be chosen separately.

The services are:

  1. Address for correspondence – you receive all the letters to the address add we send them to you by a courier or you just come to our office to take them. We offer also opening the letters and send the information to you by email or fax. Price – 30 leva per month.
  2. 2. Address for correspondence with NRA. Our employees are with fixed working hours, so the NRA inspectors can find your company and give you the documents they have to. For the purpose you have to give us a notary certified proxy that will give us the power to represent you in front of NRA inspectors. Price – 70 leva per month.
  3. 3. A phone number ( with an opportunity for a personal number and an answer from our employee “Your company”, speaking! – you will be informed for all the phone calls at a time, so you will know who is calling. Price – 40 leva for a common number and 50 leva for a personal number.
  4.  4. A fax number – the received letters will be forwarded to you at an email or by a courier. Price – 20 leva per month
  5. 5. Email address ( “Your company” ) – you receive an user name and a password, so you can check your emails. Price – 10 leva per month

The price is per month and doesn’t include VAT

The pachages are:

Essential package
Includes a correspondence address, a phone and a fax number.
Price – 90 leva. 

Business package
Includes an address for a correspondence with NRA, a phone and fax number, email
Price – 140 leva

Mini pachage
Includes a fax number and email address
Price – 30 leva
Personal package
Includes anything you want from the different services
The price is a sum of the prices of the chosen services

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