Our services:

  • One-sided and double-sided accountancy;
  • Monthly and Annual accounting reports;
  • Income-tax returns of natural persons and legal entities;
  • Preparation of the monthly reports under the VAT law;
  • Preparation of the monthly reports for Intrastat system;
  • Making and declaring working contracts;
  • Registration of a new employee at the payrolls and process of the normatively required papers;
  • Charge and payment of social, medical insurance and other duties;
  • Preparing all type of documents required by the labour legislation;
  • Length service legalization;
  • Control of the accountant papers of a previous or current period for their conformity with the law;
  • Inventory of a trade and/or other object, formulation of inventory papers and balance registers;
  • Making all type contracts and current management documents;
  • Entry and change for a company in the Trade Register;
  • Preparing full set of required documents for bank credits and guarantees;
  • Financial analysis;
  • Economic argumentation;
  • Consultations;
  • Issuing records of service;
  • Audit services;
  • Company registration;
  • Insurance;
  • Virtual office.

At the Accountancy area we offer either a whole subscription service or specific accounting services.

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