Since 2010 Kaneti is developing insurance mediation by all insurance ccompanies at the Bulgarian Market. It allows us to make the most propriate offer for each and every occasion.

We offer to our customers following services:

  • Full assistance since the moment of the insurance event until the repair of your car;
  • Mark your car at the liquidation centers of the insurance companies;
  • Submit  damages and retrogressions;
  • Deliver your insurance policy at your office;
  • Full assistance for your insurance questions at any time;
  • We provide tranquility, free consultations, saved time.

Except “General Insurance” (Motor Casco Insurance, Property Insurance, Travel assistance abroad, Motor third patry liability insurance Proffesional liability insurance etc.) you can contact us for all personal insurances: Life savings and Helth insurance .

These are insurance products which we start value more and more, because of understanding its helpfulness. In this area we will try to guide you to the most proper product for you.

Your task is only to call us to inform us for the insurance event.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on the phone or come to our office.

All our clients who have a signed contract for the accounting services, use a 5% discount from all insurances

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