Accountant’s office KANETI

Accountant’s office KANETI was established in 1998 in Sofia.

Accountant’s office KANETI was established in 1998 in Sofia.

Basic activity of the company is at the accountant and tax legislation services area.

We, its employees, guarantee tranquility to our customers as we reduce to minimum their care for the organization, management and functioning of the accountancy.
We believe this is the way to save time for them which could be invested in the basic activities of their own companies.

The purpose of our team is to give competent and adequate help to our present and future customers. It is possible, because of our high qualification, long-termed experience and will for continuously elaboration in the accountant service area.

Since 2010 we offer all kind of insurances for all insurance companies. Our clients, who have a contract for accounting services, can claim permanent fixed discounts if they make their insurance at our office.

We hope, our clients owe their achievements to us too, because we work for that.

At November 1st we start offering a new service - a virtual office. It is addressed to all companies which don't need an office with fixed working hours, but they need to have a correspondence address, or for a connection with NRA, telephone, a fax line and an e-mail. We offer all of these items which are combined in a few packages. All the details for the new service you can find on Virtual Office Kaneti

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